• Train delay compensation
    If you’ve been delayed over a train journey, you could be capable of claim compensation. Our guides explain when and how to claim, what direction to go for those who have a season ticket and any exceptions to compensation rules.

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    Late Trains
    Can I get compensation for train delays and cancellations?   

    Train companies all have different set of rules, therefore it could be confusing to work out what you should get if the train may be delayed or cancelled.

    Can I get compensation for Eurostar delays or cancellations?   

    If your Eurostar train is delayed or cancelled, then the rules are very different in comparison to British rail travel. Understand the differences and your entitlements.

    If my train is delayed can I cancel my ticket and get a refund?   

    In the event the instruct you would take is cancelled or delayed and you also decide never to travel, you are entitled to your money back.

    -    Step by step guides

    How to claim refunds for train delays and cancellations   

    You can often get your money-back right away on the station ticket office. However, you may need to claim a refund once you have left the station

    -    Letters

    Letter to say compensation for train problems   

    Make use of this letter template to assert compensation from a train company for delays, cancellations along with other train problems

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